What is Sound Healing?

‘Sound Healing’ What is it anyway?

Tell someone  that you are a sound healer, and the first question is usually ‘What’s that?‘

Sound healing is  a treatment that has been used throughout the ages as a means of bringing health and vitality back into the body, mind and spirit.  It uses pure sounds that the human voice or instruments such as the gong or himalayan singing bowl produce, to create a resonance in the body that calms the nervous sytem and  lowers blood presssure, thereby boosting the immune system.

As a sound healing practitioner, I help my clients achieve a state of calm and inner peace using the simple, yet powerful energy of sound.  A sound healing treatment is a wonderful self-care tool. Sometimes we just need to take a break, to step out of the busyness of our lives and take some time for ourselves.  Maybe we are stressed or anxious or have a major life event such as illness, breakup or bereavement. Sound healing can help by providing a clear space to quiet your mind and assess where you are  while the angel card readings also offer gentle guidance. Afterwards you may feel like you have greater clarity and focus and that you sleep better.  

When you come to Long strand, you are already in a beautiful place in nature and you are encouraged to take a walk afterwards so you can integrate your session.   We have a self-catering studio ‘Shearwater Chalet’ on Airbnb, so it is possible to create your own private retreat and have more of an immersive experience spending time  in nature and integrating the healing from the sound healing treatment.

After spending a weekend offering mini sessions at the Mind Body Experience, I wrote a blog post about what the people of Cork had to say about sound healing: What does Sounding Healing Do?

In this video, I talk to Rose Diamond of Tribe in Transition about sound healing and also give a demonstration.