Songs & Poetry

Writing songs, poems, journaling and taking photos are my favourite ways of being creative and it was a wonderful experience to combine all these elements in my book & CD ‘Letting Go’. Until recently I never even thought of myself as a creative person. My creativity was buried and I didn’t know it was there. Now I am embracing my artistry and femininity and realise that these aspects work in tandem and allow me to flow in creative choice and expression.

I love to sing.  For me it feels like flying, the way I do in my dreams. It brings me a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. It’s a place where I can see opportunities and shed my own and others preconceptions of me. I am in the moment, free to choose the way I will go. Singing calms me, brings me to my centre, grounds me and fulfils me.  When I’m singing it’s just me with out any masks and I feel fre to be myself.

You can listen to my songs and poetry on youtube.