Five Compelling Reasons Why You Should Learn To Play The Ukulele

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Five compelling reasons why you should learn to play the ukulele


The ukulele is rising in popularity all the time particularly with those who may not have played an instrument before.  Here are five compelling reasons why you should learn to play the ukulele:

  1. It’s easy: Compared to other instruments there is almost instant gratification. There are only 4 strings and so it’s much easier to play than a guitar.  You don’t need any musical background and it’s an ideal instrument for busy people to learn because you don’t have to practise that much.
  2.  Its fun: They say that ukulele players are the happiest people in the world! A lot of people think  ukuleles are toy guitars.  It’s hard to take yourself too seriously when you are playing ukulele and it really is a lot of fun.
  3. It’s social: Playing ukulele is a great way of making new friends. During the summer I was out for a cycle with my ukulele and I met a lovely young french couple who were hitching a lift with a pink ukulele.  I stopped and we had fun chatting and  jamming at the side of the road.
  4.  It’s affordable: You can buy a ukulele from around 20 euro which is grand for learning on.  For less than €100 you can get one that sounds really nice too!
  5.  It’s small & light: It fits in your handbag (or your manbag)so you can take it anywhere. Handy for a quick practise outside the  school while you’re waiting to collect the kids,  to play at work on your lunchbreak, perfect for beach parties, on your bike, no bother in your handbag when you’re flying or if you are getting a lift somewhere great to play in the car.  Endless possibilities…

So what’s stopping you? Find a class near you or go on you tube. Click here for details of my ukulele classes for adults in Clonakilty, West Cork. Learn ukulele and amaze your friends and family with your new skills!

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Ukulele is fun, play it anywhere!




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